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Apartment for sale Patra

Apartment for sale Patra

€ 520,800 168 m2

Apartment, 168 sq.m., For Sale, Patra, 1 Levels, 3rd Floor, 3 Rooms, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 1 WC, 1 Κitchen/s, 1 Fireplace(s), Dours: Aluminum, Building Year: 2009, Status: Amazing, Feautures: Elevator, Security door, CCTV, Fireplace, Double Glazed Windows, Balconies, Airy, Frontage,...

Studio Flat to rent Agia Sofia (Patra)

Studio Flat to rent Agia Sofia (Patra)

€ 310 26 m2

Small Studio, 26 sq.m., For Rent, Patra, Agia Sofia, 1 Levels, 3rd Floor, 1 Rooms, 1 Bathrooms, 1 Κitchen/s, Floors: Tiles, Dours: Aluminum, Building Year: 1980, Status: Amazing, Feautures: Security door, Double Glazed Windows, Balconies, Furnishing, Bright, AirConditioning, Rebuilt, For...

Detached House for sale Agyia (Patra)

Detached House for sale Agyia (Patra)

€ 480,000 197 m2

For Sale Detached house, Patra, 197 τ.μ., Σε οικόπεδο 650 τ.μ., 3 Επίπεδο/α, Ground floor Όροφος, 6 Δωμάτια, 5 Υ/Δ, 1 Μπάνιο/α, 2 WC, 1 Κουζίνα/ες, 1 Τζάκι/α, Δάπεδα: Tiles, Kουφώματα: Aluminum, Έτος κατασκευής: 2015, Κατάσταση: Amazing, Χαρακτηριστικά: Storage room, Solar water system,...

Apartment for sale Vrachneika

Apartment for sale Vrachneika

€ 250,000 165 m2

For Sale Apartment, Vrachnaiika, 165 sq.m., 1 Levels, 1rst Floor, 4 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, 1 WC, 1 Κitchen/s, 1 Fireplace, Floors: Tiles, Dours: Aluminum, Building Year: 2008, Status: Amazing, Feautures: Airy, On Corner, Security door, New Development, Balconies, Inner stairs,...


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